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Whenever possible take advantage of this! Not everything is a bargain. Go for the gift cards.

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The selection rotates, but you can usually find a handful of A-list gift cards like iTunes for less than the face value. Avoid the middle of the store. While interviewing a Costco executive years back, Bargain Babe learned that the center aisles are where most impulse buys are displayed. Cash card. Recipients get to shop at the warehouse without a membership and without any non-member surcharges.

Electronics deal? Costco used to have such a generous return policy on electronics that it often made sense to buy them there, even if you had to pay a few more bucks. Take advantage of the pharmacy. Booze it up. No need to fret if you are not a member. Clubs usually allow nonmembers to purchase alcohol. Keep in mind that you will be slapped with a surcharge, so do your research and find out who has the less costly surcharge in your area.

Check price endings. Items that end in. It also means the product been marked down and the store is losing money the longer it hangs around. If an item has an asterisks on the price sheet, it means it will not be restocked and you should buy it now if you want it. Clean up on aisles 5, 6, and 7.

So head to aisles 5, 6, and 7, which typically contain housewares, decorations, and accessories. Remember your budget and tread carefully!

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They often overstock this area and then they have to discount it heavily to make room for new merchandise. Buy organic. More and more warehouses are stocking organic produce. Buying organic food at a warehouse is cheaper than at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Shop designer clothes and bags — Many warehouses sell high-end designer clothes and bags at bargain prices. Go for it when you spot the deal, or it may not be there when you come back. Warehouse merchandise is in constant rotation. Buy glasses at Costco. You should be able to order your glasses without a membership card. Your warehouse membership may be refundable if you are not satisfied.

Costco recently raised their membership rates. Besides their pharmacy, I think even non-members can use the optometrist and hearing aid services. I have a regular membership, as the executive one would be a waste of money for me. I recently bought 2 new TVs at Costco because of the warranty programs they have. You can get year warranties, plus tech support is available free of cost during that time.

I just have to show that I have it with me and they give me the discount. You are right about checking the prices. For a lot of things, like paper towels and toilet paper, I can get it cheaper at the grocery store or Smart and Final with a coupon than I can there. Pregnancy brain, I guess.

Thanks so much for I never knew that. Knowing what the pricing codes mean at stores is sooooo valuable. Bobbi B No problem. I walked around Costco checking them out after learning about them. I had to share. Hey, we ALL have our typos! But I cringe at the errors I read in print and hear on radio and TV.

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There seems to be no pride in speaking properly. No need to push me! Diane My name is misspelled all the time.

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But we have you and Ellie! Joe Regenstein, a professor of food science at Cornell University told NBC that unopened cereal is good up to one year after the expiration date. Purchasing dairy products in bulk is a bad idea. This is an item that will go bad quickly unless you have a family who drinks a lot of milk.

1. Toilet paper

The only thing worse than running out of coffee is expired coffee. What you might not know is that coffee can lose its freshness if you keep it around too long. Jeanette Pavini, a savings expert with Coupons. You can get everything from cups and plates to colorful party favors at a great price.

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Just steer clear of the plastic table covers. Studies have shown that some plastic products found at discount stores may contain carcinogens. Even brand name clothes are suspect at warehouse clubs. Are you looking to buy a new pair of shoes or a new outfit?

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  • Shoes and clothing sold at warehouse clubs tend to be low quality. Jackie Warrick, former chief savings officer and president at CouponCabin.

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    Most famous designers make less expensive summer lines just for warehouse clubs and outlet stores — and these lines may be lower quality. Would you really want to buy a mattress without testing it? Getty Images. Your best bet is to visit a furniture store. Source: iStock.

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    • If you see a good price on pain relievers or cough syrup, you might be tempted to stock up. The only thing is, you might not be able to use all the medications before they expire. It might make you feel secure to have an extra stash at home, but medications tend to lose potency over time. In addition, once a drug is repackaged, which sometimes happens at the pharmacy, shelf-life is reduced. Rice has a shelf life of about six months. Rice is great to have around, but too much can become a problem. It only has a shelf life of roughly six months. Spices last anywhere from six to 12 months.

      Olive oil also lasts just six months. The more snacks you buy, the more likely you are to binge on them.